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  • No Harmful Chemical
    No-Smoke/No Odour
  • Cheaper Than Gas
    More Efficiency

Pillow Briquettes

Charcoal pillow briquettes are new to Nepalese market and first commercially introduced by us.

Pillow/pellet briquettes can be used as a substitute for wood charcoal and other imported charcoal in applications like: tandoori oven, barbecue (sekuwa making), indoor cooking in households and hotels,room heating, etc.

Price: Cheaper than wood Charcoal.

Raw materials: 95 % charcoal obtained from banmara (Mikania micrantha) + 5 % starch (food based). These briquettes are highly pure with no chemical added, low ash content and highly compact.

Emission and durability: No smoke, no odor. Briquette burns continuously for 3 hours in open space and proven 8 hours existence in tandoori ovens, ignition time = 1-2 minutes

Size: Different sizes are available.

Handling and storage: These briquettes are available in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packaging. The ignition and handling process is similar to wood charcoal. These briquettes are packed in high quality packaging materials, therefore do not easily attacked by moisture. The shape of the charcoal is oval, therefore our briquettes are easy to handle and help in fuel saving. Once the bag is open, these briquettes must be stored in a dry place. Introduction to moisture may lead to breakdown, longer ignition time and reduction in durability. A window must kept open if burnt indoor.

Stoves are available for burning these briquettes for any purpose.