Save Energy-Save Money-Save the Planet

  • No Harmful Chemical
    No-Smoke/No Odour
  • Cheaper Than Gas
    More Efficiency

Our Services

Production and sell of

  •  Densified biomass – charcoal pillow and  bio-briquettes
  •  Portable briquette stoves (metallic and non- metallic) – cook stoves, campfire  stoves, barbecue stoves, beehive stoves, etc.
  •  Metal works – charcoal retort fabrication, briquetting equipment manufacturing –blowers, conveyor, during unit, grinder, mixer, etc.

Along with……

  • Custom design and fabrication of  fixed stoves for commercial cooking institutions
  • Consulting services  on charcoal enterprise development, biomass densification trainings, technology transfer, promotional activities (demonstrations)
  • Research – in the direction of raw material and product diversification, charcoal production from agriculture residues (possibility of bachelor/master thesis, internship)

As a part of Bio-energy Project; supported by European Union and five implementing organizations namely HELVETAS Swiss Intercorporation, IUCN, ANSAB, STARIC/N and Winrock Int, we are working as a Business Development Service Provider in Chitwan District. We support local peoples residing nearby various community forests by providing training, ideas, technology and other supports to grow them as an entrepreneur in charcoal development; thereby, generating employment, managing waste and reducing carbon emission.