Save Energy-Save Money-Save the Planet

  • No Harmful Chemical
    No-Smoke/No Odour
  • Cheaper Than Gas
    More Efficiency

Why Namuna Briquettes

We use high compaction machines to produce our briquettes, therefore our briquettes are highly compact and more durable than other local briquettes. Our charcoal briquettes are smoke free and odourless. We also manufacture portable and fix stoves for burning our briquettes, therefore no hassle to search for briquette stoves in the market.

We produce charcoal based and non-charcoal based briquettes from locally available forest and agricultural waste. We use our in-house developed technology to produce these briquettes. Therefore, Namuna’s products are truly a Nepali product. We have our distributors in major cities; Kathmandu, Pokhara, Sauraha and Bharatpur. We guarantee a continuous supply of our products.

We are providing trainings and technology to local peoples to produce charcoal from Banmara (serious invasive weed). From this activity, poor locals of Chitwan district are getting jobs. At the same time, we are saving the ecosystem of various community forests, reducing carbon emission and more importantly, protecting the forest from catching fire. Using our briquettes, you are also a part of our novel work.