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Welcome to Namuna Biomass Pvt. Ltd.

Namuna Biomass Pvt. Ltd. is a thriving company leading the biomass market with various products. Recognized as a manufacturer of densified biomass products and efficient burning stoves, the company has envisioned the commercial production through highly efficient technology and involving skilled human resources and fluid management team to deliver tangible output in competitive market. Established in […]

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Our Main Products

Pillow Briquettes

Charcoal pillow briquettes are new to Nepalese market and first commercially introduced by us. Pillow/pellet briquettes can be used as a substitute for wood charcoal and other imported charcoal in applications like: tandoori oven, barbecue (sekuwa making), indoor cooking in households and hotels,room heating, etc. Price: Cheaper than wood Charcoal. Raw materials: 95 % charcoal […]


Bio Briquette are mainly used for room heating, boiling water, warming the infants and newly delivered mother, cooking meals, etc.   Metallic and clay stoves are available for burning of these stoves. We use high compaction machines to produce these briquettes, therefore our briquettes are highly compact and burn continuously for 2 hours. It takes […]

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Why Namuna Briquettes

We use high compaction machines to produce our briquettes, therefore our briquettes are highly compact and more durable than other local briquettes. Our charcoal briquettes are smoke free and odourless. We also manufacture portable and fix stoves for burning our briquettes, therefore no hassle to search for briquette stoves in the market. We produce charcoal […]

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Earning from charcoal has given confidence to plan for daughters’ education
Namuna Biomass Private Limited becoming model in the realm of charcoal enterprise